How I Became Vegan (My Vegan Story)


Knowing the right thing to do, and then doing it: the first is a matter of information, the second is a matter of motivation. This video reflects on my motivations for becoming vegan in the first place, and, also, on the aspects of my character that held me back (i.e., why I didn’t become vegan earlier in life).

This is, in fact, my second attempt at a video of this kind. The first version presents a different set of anecdotes about what a jerk I was growing up, and how being a jerk (in some peculiar ways) led inevitably to my becoming vegan. If you’re interested, you can still see that video here (unlisted):

Oh, and, BTW, I actually grew that beard so I’d look appropriately-exhausted (and ill-shaven) in my passport photos.